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A project for women’s health and wellbeing

Through one-to-one clinic treatments, online programmes, and coaching sessions, this educational project helps women establish a healthier and more conscious relationship to their menstrual cycle and approach menopause empowered by a better understanding of their body and emotions – based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.

As a woman, I have found this approach very empowering and think it can balance our relationship within ourselves, our environment, families, and society. My mission is to share the great benefits with as many other women as possible for future generations.

The main principles of this project are:

The main benefits of this project are:

Who is WOMAN-ESSence for?

This project is aimed at women of all ages, but to meet the needs and characteristics of each age group, the content and delivery has been split into the following categories:

  • school programmes (teenage girls)
  • online programmes (adult women)
  • clinic treatments (any age)

LEARNING OUTCOMES – online programme

The learning outcomes will be tailored according to age group, but a general overview is always provided to reinforce the perception of the whole journey that women need to embrace to and attune to a deeper perception of their own nature.

The main learning outcomes are as follows:

1. Foundations of the menstrual cycle:

2. Symptoms and conditions:

3. Menopause

4. Yang Sheng, Nourishing vitality:

Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest way is to subscribe to my newsletter. You will be the first to know of the online programme new in-takes, the news about the membership and the school programmes, and some valuable tips and info I will post on this space. If you are curious to know a bit more or want to ask about your personal circumstances, please use the contact page or book a discovery call to arrange a direct conversation with me.

Working online is a different experience for each of us. Some might feel safer attending from the comfort of their home, whereas others are more into the physical presence and might find it a bit limiting. I found that a group size of a minimum 4 and a maximum of 10 participants bridge these different preferences quite well and manages to create an intimate atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and at ease to participate.

Altogether it takes five weeks. The first week is introductory, with simple tasks delivered each day as a preparation for the work ahead, followed by four weekly sessions of about one hour each. This time is evenly spread between the presentation of the topic, Q&A and discussion time. Sometimes it can happen that we exceed the hour time due to an interesting discussion taking place, nobody is expected to stay, and I will make sure it won’t go any further than a few more minutes and that we stick to the topic.

The WOMAN-ESSence is a pretty new project, I have quite a big vision, but I am still developing the steps! From the beta versions I have run so far of the 5 weeks programme, I have noticed that there is still further work to develop within the group, and some at a personal level can develop from there. I am working at a membership to cover such developments, and I have some very exciting ideas that I am working on! Please keep an eye on this page as I will be updating it quite often in the next few weeks, or contact me directly using either the contact page or the discovery call service.

I will be running the 5 weeks programme on a regular basis. I haven’t decided how often yet as I want to make sure that I have enough time to run, settle and close each programme before thinking of the new one. It might take 7 to 9 weeks between new in-takes, but as I said, this has to be confirmed. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when a new programme is going to start.

These are introductory programmes to the young girls who have just started their menstrual cycle that aims to help them to better understand their own femininity. They will learn about the connection of the menstrual cycle to their emotions, what to expect from a healthy menstrual cycle, what happens when it is not quite flowing and most of all, what they can do to harmonize themselves to its inner aspects. The length of such programmes depends on the school requests and targets, contact me using either the contact page or the discovery call service to discuss any possible option for your school.

This project has different pricing depending on the modality of delivery and for some of them I still need to quantify all costs involved.

Nonetheless, I have set up the following launching prices:

  • Online programme: £40 per person 
  • School sessions: £50 – if more sessions are required we can discuss the final price
  • Clinic sessions: please refer to the clinic pricing for acupuncture 

If interested, please contact me directly to discuss an offer for your specific requirements.



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