Online Services

I’m delighted to introduce my new online services. These will complement my clinic sessions or they can sit on their own. They allow my clients to benefit from my expertise, from the comfort of their own home.


The consultation’s purpose is to provide a diagnosis and identify the most appropriate treatment for the client’s condition, using a range of questions and hands-on diagnostic techniques. Chronic conditions need extensive questioning to identify the root of the issue, which makes them suitable for remote consultations. Acute and musculoskeletal conditions mostly require prompt intervention and hands-on tests but in some cases the questioning can still be carried online. The remote option has the advantage of sparing the travelling time and providing first line support, especially at times of lockdown.

Book a discovery call to find if this option applies to you.

2. YANG SHENG - remote sessions to promote vitality with healthy behaviours

Yang Sheng stands on its own and clients can benefit from it independently of clinic treatments. It puts great emphasis on prevention of illness, by educating people to consciously take care of their life through various means and methods. Single online sessions are available to anyone who wants to know more about this approach, and how they can implement it in their own life. 

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Once the cycle of treatments has finished, these sessions keep the progression of healing on track, support clients in establishing new healthier habits and prevent future imbalances. Generally speaking, these sessions are a good support for those who would benefit from some health coaching, including advice on exercise and lifestyle. These sessions can either take place as a one-off, or as a continuous course. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yang Sheng translates ‘Nurturing vitality’ and has a wide repertoire of resources. I particularly focus on those habits and routines that have a great impact on the quality of the Qi that we produce from the environment to support the internal functions of the body. Therefore Food therapy is included in these sessions too.

When are part of a cycle of treatments, these sessions’ contents are both general and specifically tailored for the patient’s condition. For example, if someone presents Blood deficiency, we will work on foods, recipes and behaviours that support the strength and promote the mobility of Blood; for patients with anxiety or insomnia, we will work on dispersing and preventing Heat in their body; people with bloating and indigestion have a lot to benefit from Yang Sheng too, not to mention those with menstrual issues. Book a free discovery call to discuss how I could help.

Each session is planned to last 60 minutes, but I am available to leave some extra time to make sure that all questions and doubts are answered, and the client has a clear idea of how to work with the material discussed.

Before booking, I am happy to answer any questions via a free discovery call, and once the client confirms their interest, we can arrange the booking.

Throughout the session, I will introduce the principles and practical applications of simple behaviours and habits to implement in everyday life to promote vitality and wellbeing. This can be specifically tailored to the client’s needs according to the cycle of treatments we perform at the clinic or as a one-off introduction to the basic principles that anybody can start adopting.

During the session, I keep checking if the client is at ease and clearly understands how to implement such principles and adjustments in their life, and we figure out together steps and priorities. Think of these sessions as health coaching aimed to implement small, achievable changes at a time.

Yes, they are. Although most principles are common ground for anyone, I work with the client to find out the best way to apply those principles to their specific situation, plus providing some advice specifically tailored to the client’s needs and condition.

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I suggest booking a free discovery call to determine how my online services can support your health journey or how they could be suitable for your condition.

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