COVID-19 Update

During the lockdown, the clinic is open for urgent care appointments only, such as conditions that are causing severe pain or mobility issues or severely impacting a patient’s quality of life.


The covid measures will be kept in place. The room is constantly ventilated during sessions and enough time is left between clients to have it properly sanitised and set up. Unless exempted under the legislation, clients are required to wear a face covering. They are also advised to arrive only a few minutes before their appointment (the clinic has no waiting room) and to bring a hand sanitiser with them.


Acupuncture is well established as a complementary medicine, which is non-toxic and minimally invasive.. Mostly considered as an effective pain relief therapy in western culture, it has wider uses and can be used to help treat many conditions, including the following:

There are other conditions that acupuncture can treat which we can discuss in your discovery call.

Acupuncture transforms and moves the vital substances of the body, which makes it also very effective in treating:

Acupuncture has other benefits that we can discuss in your discovery call.


Tuina works with the same meridians system and principles as acupuncture. It is important to understand that Tuina is a medical massage, and as such, it does much more than just release tensions and relax the mind.

Tuina involves the regulation of bodily substances and organs’ functions; redistributes excesses and nourishment of deficiencies; promotes circulation of substances such as Qi, Blood and Body Fluids, dredges blockages and stagnation; warms and stretches the tissues.

As the strength applied during the massage is related to both the client’s physical characteristics and type of issue, to some it can feel very vigorous, and to others, barely perceived.

The general rebalancing action of Tuina massage positively impacts the whole body, which means it can help both soothe the mind and strengthen the immune system. Tuina can be used to treat many conditions, and can help:

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90 mins
£75 (£70 concessions) 


60 mins
£55 (£50 concessions) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although they stand as therapies on their own, acupuncture and Tuina can support each other in many ways, it always depends on the issue to treat. At the musculoskeletal level, I needle specific points that have the effect of opening up the sinew channels that I then massage with Tuina. Likewise, I practice some local Tuina to relax the tissues and open up the body before inserting the needles. At a deeper level, I can use acupuncture to support the Blood and promote the healing at the sinew level that I am treating with Tuina. The balance of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids is crucial in healing any musculoskeletal issue and using both therapies is very effective.

Depending on the conditions presented, moxibustion and cupping have powerful effects. They can stand as therapies independently, but I generally use them in combination with acupuncture or Tuina.

Moxibustion (Moxa) is used to promote Yang qualities inside the body and is very useful to treat Cold conditions as it is based on the heat generated by burning leaves or smokeless sticks of Mugwort, the Artemisia Vulgaris herb. It is beneficial to address menstrual issues, Cold Uterus in particularly, not only for the heat but also because the Mugwort resonates quite well with female energetics.

Cupping helps release stagnation, move Qi, Blood and Body Fluids, reinvigorate the tissues and help the body to expel toxins. Such therapy is beneficial for phlegm congestion, and in some countries, it is quite popular as a home remedy as it is a straightforward technique.

The first session lasts up to 90 mins. It includes the enquiry process performed through questions and the pulse and tongue reading; the follow-ups sessions are 60 mins each. They always include an initial, quicker consultation before the actual treatment. Please see the page Approach to read in more detail what to expect from each session.

Depending on the therapy. With acupuncture, the area to be needled has to be exposed, whereas Tuina is performed through a cotton sheet laid upon the body. Patients are advised to wear loose cotton clothes to make the massage more comfortable and effective. Moxibustion and cupping work on bare skin.

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